“What They’re Saying"

Do you know how our customers feel about us? Please find out below


As a previous member of a national lodging chain we have been impressed with the move to MHO Hotels. The system is easy to learn and navigate. We have seen an increase in room rental, and the best news is that our profit margin has increased remarkably. From previous experience, we have learned that MHO Hotels has been the friendliest company to work with in the lodging business.


After running many franchises within the last 30 years in the restaurant industry, when I studied MHO Hotels, I have to say it is a very fair franchise as no one is offering the amount of services they are for the cost


Due to my interest in the Hospitality industry, I have reviewed many franchise FDD’s and after reviewing the MHO Hotels FDD I have to say they are very fair as the amount of services included in their package is extensive.


I have been in the hotel industry for the last 40 years, I have run independent motels to top brand franchises, majority of different flags, my conclusion is that MHO Hotels is the best possible franchise according to me.