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About Us and Mission

“Working together is better for everyone.”

MHO Hotels is a membership hospitality management and owner services organization created by an experienced team of hotel owners and management experts for the benefit of other property and franchise owners. Choose us for cost-efficient solutions and customized packages with low fees.

Wait for affordable hotel franchise is over!

We are pleased to invite my fellow hotel/motel owners to join us in this win-win opportunity.

This opportunity unites all of us who are tired of dealing with high cost bureaucracy of hotel chains who pocket tons of money and make unreasonable demands in the name of “Higher Standards”. Enough is enough with the non-stop demands. We are being used by these big names so that they can recruit hoteliers to sell the franchise. These franchise companies compete among themselves. The so called “higher” requirements are used as marketing tools. The cost to us- the owners of hotels- is prohibitive and provides no help to our income, yet our expenses with the commission, licensing fee, and royalty make us work hard to enrich the corporations.

Looking back how MHO Hotels was born

Necessity to Improve Return on Investment (ROI)

M. Z. Patel and C. Z. Patel, two brothers from New Jersey, own and operate multiple hotels in US. Both are highly successful in the hotel business. Even though they were successful, they were getting fed up with some hotel franchise companies who were increasing the fees every year. The agony of continuous decrease in Return on Investment (ROI), however, gave a thought to M. Z. Patel about three years ago. On a daily basis, M. Z. caught himself asking the same question – “why can’t we have our own franchise?” Hotel business is his second nature and his business acumen is powerfully analytical, so M. Z. crunched numbers to test his theory of having his own branding. Bingo! Numbers were significantly favorable.

With this knowledge, M. Z. gives a call to his dear friend Pratic in California. Pratic, a successful IT professional, examines the cost benefits and ROI. After thorough analysis, Pratic becomes a strong supporter of the disruptive idea. Then, M. Z. shows the facts & figures to his older brother C. Z. Patel who was convinced and encouraged M. Z. to proceed and take the necessary steps in setting up the brand. Subsequently, MHO Hotels was born in March 2019. MHO means Membership Hotel Organization. The process of creating MHO Hotels required carefully orchestrated and meticulous details; hence it took more than two years.

Look at the name MHO, and pause for a minute. There is a deep meaning behind the name. The name is a red-carpet invitation to join Membership Hotel Organization and be a stake holder in MHO.
The first two people who understood the benefits and grabbed this new opportunity are M. Z.’s nephew Keshin and M. Z.’s friend Piyush, both whom joined the MHO core committee.

Huge step for MHO

Involvement of Second Generation

Next Priya Patel and Karishma Patel joined the project. Both in their late 20’s, Priya and Karishma have educational background in management and business operations. Their involvement was the initial step towards a bright future. The active participation by youth gave MHO Hotels a brighter dimension for decades to come.

Like-minded owners of hotels can now use their experience and skills for them and not for others. Thoughts of forming thier own franchise came to mind like it was a godsend! We have worked very hard whole life, saved some money and invested our hard-earned money in a hotel. Then, we put our heart and soul to maintain the business. Some of us became overnight handymen to fix the problems with our properties. We take a lot of pride in keeping our hotels clean for our guests. Let us create a profitable tomorrow by joining MHO today. Thank you for your attentive consideration!