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Meet the Executive Team

Inspiring Our Passion for Progress

Meet our Executive Team—a group of passionate individuals who work with our employees, partners and hotel owners every day to work toward leaving our world in a better place than we found it.

An established turnaround specialist and self-made multimillionaire.


Chandu Patel CHA Co founder & chairman

Deeply experienced hospitality management leader.


Mahendra (M.Z.) Patel CHA – CHO – CHIA Founder

An Efficient Young Leader.


Priya Patel President & CEO

Valuable Leader for the Company


Keshin Patel CHO COO

Surya Patel Corporate Secretary

“Elliot Ginsburg of Garner, Ginsburg & Johnsen, P.A. is our outside counsel. He has represented franchisees since his legal career began in 2010 and has been working with MHO since its inception. His background representing franchisees brings a unique perspective to our franchise model. Elliot is an editor of the Franchise Law Journal. He has… View Article


Elliot Ginsburg Legal counsel