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Boutique Hotels

Keep your brand and succeed with us

Backed by the MHO Hotels experts, our distribution platform and more, your property can keep its own brand or name and still benefit from what we have to offer. Especially for Boutique hotel owner hotels that are battling major-brand franchise properties, Airbnb properties and the rising costs of the hospitality industry, our “By MHO Hotels” service can bring you year-round business from corporate clients, truckers, construction workers, leisure travelers and international visitors

We find that many Boutique hotel owners spend most of their time meeting guest needs and have difficulty finding the time to correctly research and set pricing competitively. You may feel that you’ve reached maximum potential when there is actually great profitability in your property that isn’t being realized. There is always a level of success greater than the one you’re experiencing now.

MHO Hotels has a team of dedicated experts in place who are ready to offer you the excellent results that are possible with increased distribution, personalized assistance in setting prices and adequate marketing across available online channels. We can also help you achieve and maintain good reviews and leverage positive ratings to bring you higher room rates.

When your Boutique hotel properties is a “By MHO Hotels” property powered by the imagination, ingenuity and experience of our well-established team of experts, you pay only a flat fee and no monthly charges, a rate competitive with large partners that cannot give you the same level of personal service you will get from our team.

Isn’t it time to reach out to MHO Hotels – and put your property on track toward higher profits than ever before? We have the experience, experts, abilities and availability to help you. With us on your side, you’ll succeed beyond your wildest expectations. Why not contact us now?

Offer your guests an excellent experience with fine facilities and amenities as well as a restaurant or cafe. Aimed to compete with mid- to upper-economy hotels, the MHO Hotel brand is gaining respect for clean and comfortable rooms. Why not make your excellent property a MHO Hotel property?

  • 1 Year Membership Agreement
  • Clean Rooms
  • Best condition & working equipment
  • Complementry Coffee in Lobby required
  • Free In Rooms & Lobby Wi-Fi Required
  • Uniform with Logo
  • Interior or Exterior Corridor
  • Conversion or New
  • Lobby Brand Signage Required
  • Basic Breakfast or full services or Restaurant next door Required
  • 24 Hrs. 7 days Hour Front Desk Required
  • Single/Multiple Story Property